Into The Wild

Into The Wild

There's still snow on the ground and yet in less than a week the first of my plant-children are scheduled to go in the ground. (Anemones prefer to be tucked in when there's still a chill.) Soon, my inner dirt child will be gleefully setting down roots and turning her face into the sun. I expect a bountiful vitamin D harvest this year.

Flowery language aside, I'm so excited for this season. I'm not going to lie - last year felt like utter chaos. Many plans (and plants) went un-fulfilled. Now that I've got a feel for what to expect when you're expecting flowers, I'm confident 2022 will be the year that I do everything that I did last year - but better.

Expect to see lots of farmers market dates, bouquet subscriptions, online access to flower ordering, wholesale options, and more!

I'm also happy to announce a partnership with Parcel + Prose, who will be acting as our online order pick-up location as well as one of our CSA Bouquet Subscription pick-up options.

I hope to see you with flowers in your hands and hearts this summer! 

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