About Us

Founded by Aurora in 2020, Aurora Wild is a small cut flower farm that’s offering the Edmonton area fresh, local, sustainable blooms online, via subscription, and in person at the 124 Grand Market.

Aurora holding a bucket of flowers

I got my start with flowers during the pandemic when I thought I could bring in some extra money gathering wildflowers for bouquets. It didn’t take long before I was waist deep in research and realizing that most of our native wildflowers, while beautiful, are simply not made to last in a vase. By that point I was already hopelessly fascinated, and so began the journey of my accidental flower farm.

In the two years since it’s inception Aurora Wild has gone from a 2000 sq. ft. tangled plot of flowers grown from a mixture of seeds I threw on the ground in Mid-July to nearly 13,000 sq. ft. of carefully planned, planted, and cultivated rows of over 60 different species and 280 different varieties of flowers, fillers, and greens.

As of today Aurora Wild is a one-woman-show with backup from a lovely assortment of supportive volunteers, assistants, friends, and family. I produce seasonal, primarily field-grown, specialty cut flowers on about 1/3 of an acre just outside Acheson, AB from mid-June to whenever our first frost hits (usually mid-to-late September).

You can enjoy some accidentally beautiful Alberta flowers by Aurora Wild by purchasing a CSA bouquet subscription, ordering online during the summer, or visiting the Sunday 124 Grand Market from July to September. Select Saturday 124 Grand Market dates also scheduled, click here to view all 2022 farmers market dates.

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