Wholesale Policy

Quality Assurance

Every stem you receive from me should be usable. That means when it arrives it should be intact, of good quality, and hydrated. No broken stems or crashed flowers. If, upon arrival, you find a flower to be unusable for some reason please contact me with details about the issue (so I can correct it in the future) and if at all possible I will replace that stem. Barring that I will credit you the cost of the stem.

Note: this policy does not apply to flowers that are sold as-is. (Ex. flowers a bit passed prime, sold at a discount, or deliberately harvested at a later stage for aesthetic reasons.)

Bucket Policy

Individual buckets are cheap, but lots of buckets are expensive! However, buckets are a necessary piece of keeping farm fresh flowers hydrated and happy on their way to you. To make returning buckets easy, all of my buckets have a waterproof sticker with my logo on them - just give them back to me next time you get a delivery!

To mitigate the cost of lost buckets I charge an at-cost bucket fee for every bucket that isn't returned, usually around $1 per bucket. Feel free to avoid the fee and help the planet by returning buckets to be re-used for another harvest!

Wholesale Shipping and Delivery

Delivery - Delivery is available at a charge of $15 per order. Orders $200 or over have this fee waived. At this time I do all deliveries personally, therefore delivery is subject to my availability but I always aim to deliver ASAP, on your designated day (for online orders), or based on previously discussed timing.

Delivery is only available within Edmonton.

Pick Up - For florist clients only both a central Edmonton and on-farm (Acheson) pick up option is available. Inquire for details.

Accepted Payment Methods

My preferred method of payment is e-Transfer or cheque.

Emergency Flowers

Sometimes it's Friday afternoon before a wedding, something goes terribly awry, the wholesalers are closed, and you need 3 bunches of focal/filler/etc flowers right now. Emergencies happen. Subject to flower availability as well as my personal availability, I may be able to help. Call or text me at the number listed on my offer sheet.

All emergency flower deliveries are subject to a sliding scale after hours/rush fee based on the volume of the order and timeframe.

Note: due to the nature of rush delivery flowers, they will not be traditionally conditioned (i.e. allowed to cool and hydrate for several hours/overnight, seared, or treated with a hydration treatment). I highly recommend you do a hydrating treatment of some kind on them immediately after they arrive.

Harvesting and Conditioning Process

All blooms come pre-conditioned. If some your blooms arrive with 1-2 inches of browning at the base of the stem don't be alarmed - this is because these cuts are 'wimpy drinkers' and have undergone a searing process in boiling water to help them stay strong and stiff. In case you need to know exactly how your flower has been handled before it arrived...

My harvesting process is as follows:

  1. All blooms are harvested at least a day in advance of delivery in order to allow adequate time to properly condition and hydrate each stem overnight.
  2. Flowers are harvested according to their specific needs, usually in the early morning or late evening when they are naturally most hydrated. (Exceptions include cuts like zinnias, which need prefer to be harvested midday)
  3. Flowers are processed according to their specific needs. Depending on the cut this could mean searing the stems (Poppies), using quick dip (Woody stems), allowing to rest/callus over (Daffodils), or simply recutting stems and placing in the cooler.
  4. Once they've rested for at least 8 hours, they're ready to go home to you!

Note: I use a flower opening inhibitor in my storage buckets¬†so that blooms stay as closed as possible and in good condition until they arrive. If you want them to pop ASAP warm water, flower food, and quick dip are your friends! (But you already knew that ūüėČ)

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