Weddings and Events

Unfortunately I am not able to do weddings or event floristry at this time. However, if you have your heart dead-set on my flowers and a willing florist lined-up, I would be tickled pink to supply the flowers and let them take care of the arrangement. Additionally, I am happy to provide you a list of florists that specialize in weddings, events, and art installations who work with my flowers.

Please note that sourcing your event flowers from a local farmer makes it virtually impossible to order specific flowers in advance.

At best I only have a rough idea of what will be blooming when. I only know for certain what will be in bloom about a week in advance, even two weeks out is a stretch. If you know you want blue anemones at every centrepiece it would be best to order those in, but if you're ready to fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and make a wedding out of whatever’s blooming - I might be able to help.

If you're looking to DIY your wedding, you can also look into my bulk-by-the-bucket flowers. Please read the note on wedding flowers carefully, as weddings are already a big job and DIYing your wedding flowers can make it a much, much bigger one.

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